7 Steps to Sell on Amazon FBA in 2023




7 Steps to Sell on Amazon FBA in 2023

Selling on Amazon FBA is one of the most popular ways to start an online business. It’s easy to get started with, and you can use it to sell a wide range of products. However, if you want to be successful at selling on Amazon FBA, it’s important that you know what steps are involved in doing so—and how they work together. In this post, we’ll go over each step in detail and explain why each one matters for your success as an Amazon seller!


Many people who get started with Amazon FBA do not know the rules, or they don’t understand them. As a result, they fail to follow the rules and their account gets suspended by Amazon.

It’s important to know and understand the rules because if you don’t follow them, your business could be in jeopardy. The best way to find out what all of these rules are is to read over Amazon’s Seller Central Help section on selling on Amazon FBA (https://sellercentral-us.amazon.com/gp/help). In addition to reading over this section of their site, you should also reach out directly through chat or email if you have any questions that aren’t answered in either one of these places!


There are two main ways to identify a profitable product:

  • Products that are in high demand, but aren’t being sold on Amazon FBA
  • Products that are in low demand, but aren’t being sold on Amazon FBA


The next step is sourcing your product.

Before you start sourcing, there are two things you need to consider: what type of products you want to sell and how much they cost. In general, Amazon’s best sellers are kitchen gadgets and household items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find success selling something else. I’ve seen people do well with everything from pet products to furniture!

This can be done through research using the Amazon website or an app like Jungle Scout (more on this later). It will take time and patience, but finding a great product can make all the difference between success and failure on Amazon FBA.


Now that we’ve figured out what to sell, it’s time to create an effective listing. The listing is the most important part of your business, as it’s where you can differentiate yourself from your competition and show off your brand and personality.

Including these elements will help make sure you get noticed by Amazon customers:

  • Your title should be catchy, informative and accurate.
  • Use bullets or numbered lists (without any spaces) when describing each product’s features. This makes it easier for customers to read through all the information on one page without having to scroll through paragraphs of text. They also allow shoppers who may not know what they want exactly yet but still want a quick glance at all the benefits of each product that might interest them before making their final decision about which one they want in particular!


Now it’s time to ship your product to Amazon FBA warehouses. The Amazon FBA platform allows you to store and ship your products from the warehouse closest to your customers, which can be a huge advantage over competitors who have to ship goods from China or another faraway country.

You’ll want to look into using a freight forwarder or air shipping service if your goods are too large or heavy for UPS/FedEx Ground Shipping, as they often charge a lot more than these other carriers do. Unfortunately, there aren’t any tools out there that will find the best freight rates for you automatically—but there are some great ones out there that can help you compare multiple companies’ services side by side! For example:

  • Freightos allows you compare prices across several different providers at once
  • ShipCloud lets you view all shipping options in one place


Now that you know how to sell on Amazon FBA, it’s time to focus on one of the most important aspects of running an online store: customer service.

Whether you’re an e-commerce veteran or just starting out, your customers are your lifeblood. Satisfied customers tell their friends about you and buy more products from you in the future; unhappy ones leave bad reviews and warn off potential new buyers. Good customer service can make or break your business—and it often comes down to how quickly and effectively you respond when problems arise.

In order for your business to thrive on Amazon FBA, it is essential that you pay close attention to each customer interaction (whether they’re leaving reviews or sending emails). If a customer has a problem with their order, take care of them immediately so they don’t go elsewhere!


Now that you’ve got your first product sold and in the hands of customers, what comes next? The successful Amazon sellers of today are looking to scale their business as quickly as possible. The good news is that it’s easier than ever before to grow your business by hiring more people or outsourcing tasks. You can also manage your inventory better by learning how to use FBA effectively and efficiently.

However, there are still a few important things left for you to learn:

  • How do I find products that I can sell on Amazon?
  • How do I find good suppliers?

To be successful at selling on Amazon, you need to follow these steps closely and understand what they mean for you and your business.

  • Understand the Amazon rules: The first step in selling on Amazon FBA is knowing how to follow all of the rules. You can’t just start selling products on Amazon without knowing what you need to do, such as following payment regulations and shipping guidelines.
  • Find a profitable product to sell: The second step in successfully selling on Amazon FBA is finding an item that you can buy at wholesale prices, sell for more than it costs you (or make at least $5 profit per unit), and have access to enough suppliers so that your inventory never runs out!
  • Source your product(s): Once you have found an item(s) to sell on Amazon FBA, it is time for sourcing! This means finding suppliers who can provide quality products at affordable prices while meeting all of our other criteria like being able to ship quickly and cheaply enough so we don’t lose money between shipping expenses + savings from buying in bulk + making sure our funds are replenished quickly through profits made from sales processed through Amazon FBA warehouses (we will talk about this later).


If you’re looking to get started selling on Amazon, these are the steps that we recommend you take. They will help you avoid many common pitfalls and make your first few months on the platform much easier. However, it’s important to remember that this is just our opinion—there are plenty of other good approaches out there too!

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