how much money do high school teachers make salary in 2023




how much money do high school teachers make salary in 2023

High school teachers are some of the most important people in our country. They help shape the minds of future generations, but how much do they earn? It’s a question that comes up often and it’s one we’re going to answer today.

How much money do high school teachers make?

How much money do high school teachers make?

As of 2018, the average annual income for high school teachers in the United States was $57,910. This means that if you worked full time as a high school teacher, you could expect to earn around $28.51 per hour or $56,320 per year.

Well, the average annual salary for an American high school teacher is $58,030.

You’ve probably heard that teaching is one of the most rewarding careers, but did you know it can be financially rewarding as well? A high school teacher makes an average annual salary of $58,030 in the United States. While this number may not seem like much to some people, it’s actually pretty good compared to other professions.

The average annual salary for a doctor, for example, is $158K and lawyers make an average annual salary of around $135K per year! Special education teachers also make more than their counterparts in regular education—their average annual salary is around $64K per year compared with a normal teacher who makes around $56K per year.

So while these numbers might not seem like they’d be enough to live on comfortably (especially after paying rent), remember that teachers have summers off from work and usually receive paid time off during holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve/Day.

That’s the median income across the country and it’s also what they typically earn in every state in the union.

In addition to the median income, we can also look at how much teachers make in each state by looking at the average salary for a teacher. The average salary is calculated by adding up all of the salaries, then dividing by the total number of people with those jobs. This method is known as an arithmetic mean.

What’s wrong with this? It includes all types of teachers—elementary school teachers who make less than high school teachers, for example—and doesn’t account for factors like experience or education level that could influence how much money someone makes. A better measure would be something like a median household income: this number represents what lies in between two middle values when you line up all households from highest-earning to lowest-earning and find their midpoint (so if there were three houses on your street and one house made $200K while another made $50K and another made $15K per year, their median income would be somewhere around $40K).

The average high school teacher earns $58,030 a year.

The average high school teacher earns $58,030 a year. That’s the median income across the country and it’s also what they typically earn in every state in the union.

Elementary School Teachers

Median Salary: $57,200 (2017)

Average Salary: $56,000 (2017)

High School Teachers

Median Salary: $58,350 (2017)

Average Salary:$57,600 (2017)


The average high school teacher earns $58,030 a year. This is less than what many people would expect, but it’s important to remember that these numbers are based on averages across the country and don’t reflect actual salaries in any one state or city. The good news is that teachers can often supplement their income with bonuses like performance pay, which means they can potentially earn more than they do as basic salary alone.

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