LeadsLeap is a premier platform for affiliate marketing and has been gaining momentum in the field since its launch. It revolutionizes how people can earn money online by providing an accessible, easy-to-use service that anyone can take advantage of. Founded in 2008 and backed by a talented team with years of industry experience, LeadsLeap is the perfect choice for those looking to make extra cash on their own terms.

Signing up for an account with LeadsLeap opens you up to a world of free tools, so that you can kickstart your journey right away!

What is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is a unique platform that creates effective connections between advertisers and publishers, making it the ideal way to advertise your business if you’re looking for new customers. As an added bonus – LeadsLeap is completely free of charge! Furthermore, you can display ads on other websites or across various parts of the web in order to acquire more leads.

How to Make Money from LeadsLeap?

You can make money from LeadsLeap in two ways:

  • You will get paid when your referral makes a purchase on the platform
  • You will also get paid when your referral signs up for a free trial on the platform and then upgrades to paid plan

Earn from Your Referrals

The LeadsLeap affiliate program offers a unique referral system that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Free referrals. You can earn money from your referrals without paying anything. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the person you refer signs up for a free LeadsLeap account and starts using it to generate leads.
  • Paid referrals. If the person you refer decides to upgrade their account by upgrading from a free one to a paid plan, then they will be charged for this upgrade and you will get paid as an affiliate for each sale that comes via your lead generation efforts!

The best part about this is that there are no monthly payments or upfront costs involved – all of them are on auto-pilot so no time wasted chasing down people who sign up with misleading information or disappearing into thin air at midnight (eek!).

Earn from LeadsLeap Widget on Your Website

LeadsLeap will pay you for all the visitors that come to your website from LeadsLeap. This is a great way to make money online and it’s easy to do.

To get started, add their widget on your site using their simple embed code or by signing up for an account with them. Then, every time someone clicks on your link in the widget and signs up for a free trial at LeadsLeap, you will earn $0.20 per visitor!

You can also refer friends and family members to LeadsLeap through their dashboard where they have detailed instructions on how much each referral earns them in commission fees – which range from $0.10-$2+.

How to Run Your Ads on LeadsLeap?

Let’s get started!

  • To create an ad, you’ll need to find the right template. Click on “Templates” in the left sidebar and then click on “Categories.”
  • From here, choose a category that fits your product or service. Once you’ve selected your category, you can choose from a number of templates based on what type of ad you’re looking for:
  • Solo Ads—If you’re trying to drive traffic from LeadsLeap’s database of over 500 million users, consider running solo ads that showcase what makes your business special or unique
  • Facebook Ads—These ads are run through Facebook’s platform and can be targeted by age range, gender and location

LeadsLeap Pros and Cons

  • PROS: LeadsLeap is a great tool for managing your sales funnel, and it’s especially useful for new businesses that haven’t yet grown to the point where they need more advanced solutions.
  • CONS: The free version of LeadsLeap is limited in its capabilities. For example, you can only create 10 leads at one time; if you want to add more leads or view the data from those leads in bulk, then you’ll have to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Use LeadsLeap to grow your email list

LeadsLeap is a powerful tool that can help you grow your email list. You can use the LeadsLeap widget on your website and start building a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

List building is the most important marketing tool you can use, because it’s how you’re going to build your audience, get new customers and make sales.

With LeadsLeap, there are two main ways that someone can sign up for your email list: by filling out a form or clicking on an opt-in box on your site. Once someone signs up for your email list using either method, they’ll get an autoresponder message from LeadsLeap with instructions how they should manage their account (like changing their password).

LeadsLeap Free Marketing Tools

LeadsLeap is a free marketing tool that helps you grow your business. It gives you access to a ton of features, including an email list builder, blog content and social media tools, lead generation tools and more.

You can use LeadsLeap to advertise your business by creating landing pages that offer incentives for people to join your list or download something from you (like an e-book). You can also use it to grow your email list by sending out automated emails when someone signs up for one of the offers in their inboxes.

This platform is great for getting free leads because it has two main functions: collecting emails and subscribing users to lists on other sites like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. Plus, there are many other ways this tool can help increase traffic on your website: you can try out the A/B testing feature; use their analytics reports; run split tests before sending out emails; etc!

Use LeadsLeap to get free leads

LeadsLeap is a platform that allows users to find new leads and generate traffic. It’s based on a simple concept: if you want more business, you need more people. LeadsLeap helps small businesses get the necessary exposure they need in order to grow their customer base. By providing small business owners with free traffic and leads, LeadsLeap gives them an edge over their competitors who have not yet joined its network of local businesses.

The company has been around since 2012, so it’s been able to build quality relationships with other local companies over time—relationships which help them provide valuable information about where potential customers may be hiding out in your area or market niche (more on this later).

But first—what makes LeadsLeap different from other lead generation platforms? Let’s take a look!

Use LeadsLeap to increase your website traffic

LeadsLeap is the ultimate tool to drive more leads and customers to your website! Not only can you discover new prospects, but you can stay in touch with current consumers too. Plus, gain valuable insights on what your target market desires from you. Utilizing LeadsLeap will result in greater profits per customer as well as a refined sales funnel for seamless lead navigation throughout their journey.

LeadsLeap is a powerful SEO tool that can be effortlessly added to your website, allowing you to pursue other endeavors such as creating content or resolving technical issues on your site. This sort of marketing automation allows businesses around the globe to maximize their time spent online and enjoy much deserved free time off work!

Use LeadsLeap to advertise your business

LeadsLeap is a great tool for getting more leads and growing your email list. It allows you to choose from a variety of advertisements, including text-based ads, images or video ads. You can also target specific demographics with these ads in order to get the most out of your budget.

Once you’ve set up your ad campaigns, LeadsLeap will track all of their performance metrics so that you know exactly how much each campaign cost per lead or email address acquired (and much more). This makes it easy for you to see which types of advertising work best for each type of product or service that you’re trying to promote.

LeadsLeap also offers helpful advice on how best to increase website traffic through social media marketing tactics like Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns using Google Analytics cookies on other websites where users may have seen them before they came back again later looking at items they liked earlier!


LeadsLeap is smart way to grow your business. It’s easy to use, and it will help you build a strong list of potential customers while also increasing the traffic that comes into your website—all without any contracts or hidden fees! If you’re looking for a high-quality email marketing service that offers great features and a user-friendly interface, then LeadsLeap would be your best option. It’s easy to get started with and there are no contracts required! You can cancel at any time without any hassles or fees.

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